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Goodfellows Field to Fork inc. was established in the summer 2016, with the intention of connecting with the farmers that give us, as Chefs, the beautiful ingredients that inspire us. Our food is heartfelt and rustic, from our old world style sourdough bread, to our coffee by DeMello Palheta Coffee Roasters, to our many house-made sweets and savoury treats.

Establishing ourselves in a community that we could grow with, has always been our dream. We wanted to create an inclusive space where people of all walks of life could come together and enjoy a bite, a chat and a warm beverage. Finding the Village of Rockwood, Ontario has been a delight and a perfect match for us to create our little bakery in. We are surrounded by incredible farmers who produce amazing ingredients which allows us to create great food for great people.It’s an honour to be a part of this community, to grow and strengthen all relationships that has been nurtured over the short time. We look forward to seeing the fruits created by the roots we’ve planted. Cheers!


Claudia Goodfellow


Being in the kitchen was a natural experience for Claudia. Before the fancy hotels,bakeries and pastry shops, Claudia was cooking dinner for her family, as early as 10 years old. Her passion for ingredients was inspired by her father. Every Saturday they would go grocery shopping at the local produce shop for the week’s veggies, then over to the butcher shop and finally to the local bakery for that crunchy Italian bread. This was where her love and curiosity of ingredients started.Both of her parents immigrated from Southern Italy in the mid-60s, and brought with them the flavours, recipes and love of food that has helped shape her style as a chef and baker.

When you enjoy a meal at Goodfellows Field to Fork, you’re engaging in a conversation about ingredients, about farmers and what makes good food, so good!

We are a small, independent Cafe/Bakery located in the Heart Of Rockwood, Ontario. We specialize in artisanal scratch baking with Italian and European influences. We make Old World style Sourdough Bread, using our House-Made Sourdough Starter, Nutella filled biscotti and a variety of seasonal pastries. We source our products from local farmers and markets. Our menu changes everyday to highlight the seasonal products offered by the local farmers.





155 Main St S,

Rockwood, ON

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10PM - 3PM

10AM - 3PM

10AM - 3PM

10AM - 3PM

10AM - 3PM

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