Barista Blog: Coffee Scrub

Are you making your own quarantine coffee?

This at-home barista is making a ton of French Press. Luckily, a bunch of awesome local cafes are offering home delivery to keep me going. So, here I am, at home, a whole bunch of spent coffee beans and caffeinated energy. Duh, I’m making a COFFEE SCRUB.

The Benefits

Coarse coffee grinds are a perfect way to remove dead skin cells, revealing a natural glow. Some studies have shown the anti-oxidants in coffee boost collagen levels in the skin. Coffee may even protect your skin from UV damage. Regardless of the science, it just makes your skin feel fresh and moisturized.

In my opinion, the most important benefit to making your own coffee scrubs is upcycling used coffee grinds. Coffee and beauty products are expensive; choose one and use it’s by product for the other. My frugal mother would be oh, so proud! But more than that, I believe giving the beans a second life honours the artisans who grow, dry, and roast coffee beans. Coffee is definitely a privilege – especially in these uncertain times.

*And don’t forget! Spent coffee grinds also make AMAZING fertilizer, so if you are starting your backyard garden, sprinkle that right in there!

What you’ll need

  • A container with a lid

  • Spent coffee grinds

  • I used De Mello Palheta Dancing Goats

  • Oil of your choosing (coconut, almond, anything you think is good quality!)

  • I used Almond Oil because it’s what I had in the cupboard

  • Brown Sugar

  • White sugar works too

  • Essential Oil or Vanilla

  • I used Marseille’s Remedy essential oil (google that one for some awesome plague folklore) but you can use any essential oil – think about using one that compliments the cupping notes of your coffee

Super Easy, Let’s Do This

  • Mix ¼ cup coffee and ¼ cup brown sugar

  • Add ¼ cup oil and ½ tsp. vanilla or 5 drops essential oil

  • Mix well, pop on the lid

You’re Done! Now What?

Gently use the scrub on your face and body – you do not need to press hard, be nice to your skin! Rinse and allow any oil residue to soak into your skin.

Do keep in mind that this recipe yields a very small amount; this is because I recommend using the scrub about once a week and discarding the scrub after 1 month. That being said if you would like to make a bigger batch to give to friends or family, you can definitely up the amounts.

Now get scrubbing!


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